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Regina Faison

Ministry Finance Specialist

Helping You Create Your New Divine Path

403(b)(9) Knowledge

Regina has extensive knowledge on the different options and benefits the plan gives to ministers and pastors alike.

Wealth Management

With over 27 years of experience, Regina can guide and help map out a plan specifically designed to meet you and your family’s needs.

Who is Regina?

Regina L. Faison has been in the securities industry for more than 27 years. Regina’s main focus with clients is wealth management, retirement, investment and estate planning.

She assists individuals, business owners, Ministers/Pastors and non-profit organizations in developing long-term financial solutions by providing services for Retirement, 401K, 403B, 403B9, and 457 planning and implementing customized investment strategies. Regina specializes in creating long-term solutions for pre-retirees through customized strategies to ensure financial well-being based on each client’s unique goals and needs. Whether through annuities, managed money, or special pension plan for pre-retires, Regina has the expertise needed to help you attain your short and/or long term financial and life goals.  Regina feels that so many of us fail to plan, and her goal as a Wealth Coach is to help all clients plan properly for their retirement, future and legacy.

Regina resides in Lake Forest, CA. She is active in her community and is President of the Derrick L. Faison Foundation, which she founded in 2004 (with her sons) after losing her husband to heart disease.

She gives back to the community by teaching and sponsoring life-saving skills such as CPR certification and educating underserved youth about career paths in business, the importance of education, and developing their overall growth potential.

Regina is also a partner of Kingdom Financial Insight, which supports Pastors and Ministries in helping them secure a strong, long-lasting retirement. 

Faison Wealth & Retirement Services
Regina L. Faison, CSO, IAR


Wealth Teams Alliance
C/O World Equity Group
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Experienced in ministry

Wealth Management

Retirement Investments

Estate Planning

A heart for the church body

Team to Work Directly with Pastors

Serving the individual financial needs of a pastor and their family with ministry friendly and yet cutting edge ideas

Robust 403(b)(9) Plan

403b market, in general, is considered the "wild west" as the rules are sloppy and have been used and abused...not just by churches but everyone...in the majority of cases unintentionally. All 403b's are non-Erisa.


Our expert team will help guide and support your church board and Pastoral staff. How? We do this by helping you to increase and grow in your financial and charitable sectors, so that your overall ministry can grow successfully. 

Charitable Education

Serving churches by providing often unknown or misunderstood charitable gifting strategies to their congregation. By doing so, we teach congregations WAYS to give that are tax-friendly that people don't know exist.

My Why - Regina Faison

I have a heart and passion to help Pastors and those in Ministry who are serving and carrying out Jesus Christ’s #1 mission and requirement of HIS children – “to save souls for God’s Kingdom”. With my personal experience and appreciation of pastors and leaders who have helped me with my own salvation and walk with the Lord, I wanted to make sure I completed my God-given assignment of ensuring that Pastors and leaders in Ministry are educated, well-equipped and have “peace of mind” knowing they will have a secure retirement. If it were not for these special divine leaders in my life, I would not be where I am today.  To share a little of my personal experience, in 2014, the Lord led me to a small church led by a Pastor and his wife, who were both servants and teachers. These two took the time to teach me (as well as my sons) the meaning of being “born again” and helped me start to grow more intimately with my Heavenly Father. These two Pastors also would support important events in my family’s life as well as any member of their church. If anyone were sick, these two would visit hospitals to pray over anyone in need, regardless of whether you were a member of their church or not. I considered them “True Pastors” in every sense of the word. They truly walked in this capacity and they were always there for anyone in need. Like these two, there are many “true pastors” out there who put the Lord first and serve others before their own needs.  But who is taking care of them and looking after their financial needs here on earth? Do they truly have someone that they can trust (outside of their own church/ministry staff) so there is no conflict or worry about a breach of privacy within their own church or ministry? What will they do once they retire from their church or ministry?

Without the foundation, support, and love I was given, my own salvation would have been in jeopardy and I would not be where I am today. With my experience, past, and journey, I want to do all I can to ensure that all pastors have the best of the best in retirement plans and are “equipped” with the knowledge of all the advantages that are available, which many of them do not even know.

I have been in the securities industry for the past 27 years, and I have worked for some of the biggest firms on Wall Street. I have always wanted to make a difference and impact lives in this world. I was not where I am today back in the start of my career, but thanks to several pastors and spiritual leaders (from my past and present) who guided me correctly in my relationship with the Lord (as this is a daily walk), it helped lead me to my true calling and purpose from the Lord.

Today, I am not only part owner in Kingdom Financial Insight and owner of Faison Wealth & Retirement, but I too, have a legacy to leave for my sons and in this world to help save lives – www.dfaison.org 

So, I know the importance of impacting the world and making a difference in lives. I know the heart of a true pastor and what can limit them in this world (as it pertains to their finances and retirement).  Pastors should feel “safe” with their steward partner in creating their secure retirement and legacy. This is why I know the pastors that played a major role in my life and they would greatly impact this world even more if they had “financial peace of mind”.  After all, we are to be the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13). I can now confidently say with joy to any pastor I meet – “I can help you not only retire securely but I can help you leave a solid financial legacy and security for your generations to come and for your seeds to continue to grow”.  On behalf of Kingdom Financial Insight, we look forward to serving as your faithful stewards and providing a safe place with excellence, alignment, integrity, and wisdom. We are ready and equipped to serve your ministry retirement and legacy needs. May God continue to bless you and your family and let’s build your safe retirement legacy together!

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