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mike bennitt

Ministry Finance Specialist

Helping You Create Your New Divine Path

403(b)(9) Knowledge

Mike has extensive knowledge on the different options and benefits the plan gives to ministers and pastors alike.

Wealth Management

With extensive education and financial planning experience of over 32 years, Mike will guide you and help you create a plan specifically designed to meet with the needs of you and your family.

Who is Mike?

Mike Bennitt has served individuals and families with investment and financial planning for the past 32 years. He is a wealth coach, and a Smartvestor Pro with the Dave Ramsey organization. Mike finds great pleasure in helping people by simplifying the complexity of the financial planning world, using a step by step easy to understand process. He is a not only a gifted financial planner, but also a speaker and teacher and has done numerous educational workshops and seminars in the areas of financial planning and investment strategies.

Mikes experience is broad, acting for 20 years as President and chief compliance officer of the investment division for a significant regional bank in Missouri. He has been successful in real estate investing and in business. Mike’s formal education includes a degree in Business administration/accounting graduating Cum Laude from Missouri Southern State University in 1979. His further education has been in the area of wealth and financial planning as follows:

  • 1990-Certified Financial Planner (CFP)-College of Financial Planning
  • 2005-Investment Management Consultant-Raymond James Institute of Management Consulting
  • 2006-Accredited Wealth Management Advisor College of Financial Planning
  • 2007-Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA)-The Investment Management Consultants Assn

Mike is actively involved with his local church and has a deep family heritage in the Christian faith. Mike and his lovely wife Debbie have been married for 40 years and are the parents of four children; three biological and also his youngest daughter who was adopted at age 10 months from China. He is an active competitive golfer and is also very interested in acoustic guitar. Mikes goal in life is to leave everything and everyone he meets better than when he met them in some way.

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Experienced in ministry

Wealth Management

Retirement Investments

Estate Planning

A heart for the church body

Team to Work Directly with Pastors

Serving the individual financial needs of a pastor and their family with ministry friendly and yet cutting edge ideas

Robust 403(b)(9) Plan

403b market, in general, is considered the "wild west" as the rules are sloppy and have been used and abused...not just by churches but everyone...in the majority of cases unintentionally. All 403b's are non-Erisa.


Our expert team will help guide and support your church board and Pastoral staff. How? We do this by helping you to increase and grow in your financial and charitable sectors, so that your overall ministry can grow successfully. 

Charitable Education

Serving churches by providing often unknown or misunderstood charitable gifting strategies to their congregation. By doing so, we teach congregations WAYS to give that are tax-friendly that people don't know exist.

My Why- Mike Bennitt

Why and I doing this?

It always has been and always will be my job as a financial advisor to look at every aspect of an individual’s financial situation and take what they have and give them OPTIONS and CHOICES for the future. Although America is the most “wealthy” in the world, most Americans have no “options” at retirement…a travesty. With so MUCH information available and so many advisors, how is it possible to fail in this country? Answer: without a plan, the people perish.

Over the past 32 years, I’ve had a countless number of ministers, pastors and missionaries come to me asking for help. In most cases, it was because the organization that was providing their retirement plan wasn’t providing the help they needed, and sometimes because their financial advisors didn’t really understand how to navigate the nuances and maximize the benefits in minister and pastor pay.

It is my personal belief that the highest calling in the financial services business is that of serving people who have given their very lives for the sake of the gospel. Those people both in ministry and/or who lead churches carry the burden of the many lives they serve, but additionally the many aspects of leadership and management and the “business” of a church. Church leaders are required to manage “congregational” relationships while making personal and family decisions that could affect those very relationships adversely if not handled correctly. When it comes to their personal affairs, they walk a fine line between maintaining the privacy they need and getting the help they deserve. So finding the right mix of experience, confidentiality, and an accurate understanding of how a pastor’s pay and future retirement work can be challenging. Most advisors in a church fail at one or more of these essential traits…the most important being confidential handling of private information. Much like the story of the battle in Exodus 17 where Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms and the battle was won; we come beside a  minister to hold up their financial arms while they fight the other battles that they are CALLED to fight and win.

This leads to our “why”…my “why” is that I believe that people in ministry DESERVE the best.

They deserve the best help from EACH of the following: 

1) from advisors who HAVE the experience, 

2) from advisors who UNDERSTAND how people in ministry are paid and the nuances of their pay, 

3) From advisors who are versed on the IRS code and specialize in helping define it accurately, and 

4) From Advisors who will be a SAFE PLACE for pastors to discuss classified personal information 5) Additionally, they DESERVE to have advisors who will steward the information in a way that is pleasing to a pastor and healthy for their entire church.

 As such, I sold the investment and financial planning business I had built to serve the ministry community and focus my 32 years of experience and education in the interest of making a difference for God’s chosen leaders.

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