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Planning Your Future After Ministry

Learn about our team and why we do what we do

 Our team of experts at Kingdom Financial Insight has a passion for working with people serving in the ministry field. Let us tell you why we want to service you.

Our Story

It is our job as a financial advisor to look at every aspect of an individual’s financial situation and take what they have and give them OPTIONS for the future. America is a country that is the most “wealthy” in the world and yet a large percentage of people have no “options” at retirement…a travesty. With so MUCH information available and so many advisors, how is it possible to fail in this country? Without a plan the people perish…

Hosea 4:6) – “My people perish for lack of knowledge”

It is our belief that the highest calling in the financial services business is that of working with people who have given their very lives for the sake of the gospel. Those people who lead churches carry the burden of the many lives they serve, but additionally the many aspects of leadership and management and the “business” of a church. They are required to manage relationships while making decisions that can affect those very relationships adversely if not handled correctly. When it comes to their personal affairs, they walk a fine line between maintaining privacy they need and getting the help they deserve. Finding the right mix of experience, confidentiality, and an accurate understanding of how a pastor’s pay and future retirement work can be challenging. Most advisors in a church fail at one or more of these essential traits…the most important being confidential handling of private information. Much like the story of the battle in Exodus 17 where Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms and the battle was won; we come beside a  minister to hold up their financial arms while they fight the other battles that they are CALLED to fight and win.

Our Specialty & Expertise

A Team to Work Directly with Pastors-Independent Skilled Counsel

We’ve built a network of expert advisors with a heart for ministry workers.

A Robust 403(b)(9)

We strive to build the best investment options for you. With all of the benefits a 403(b)(9) plan offers, we add value by providing the best investment options that are available for your custom-tailored retirement plan

Coaching Church Boards on Pastoral Compensation and Benefits

We sit down with your team and educate them on the different plans and benefits of financial planning and investing designed for people in minstry.

Bringing Charitable Education to Congregations to Increase Giving Opportunities

Our team will teach your church body options of investing back into the church so that your ministry outreach can grow successfully. 

Mike Bennitt

I believe that people in ministry DESERVE the best.

They deserve the best help from EACH of the following:

1) From people who HAVE the experience,

2) From people who UNDERSTAND how a pastor is paid and the nuances of their pay,

3) People who are versed on the IRS code and specialize in helping define it accurately, and

4) People who are a no risk SAFE PLACE for pastors to discuss classified personal information because we have no “skin” in the game…ie: we aren’t part of the congregation and as such no risk of leaking info or the info affecting our giving.

5) Additionally, they DESERVE to have people who STEWARD the information in a way that is pleasing to a pastor and healthy for their entire church.

We recognize that a solid 25% of a pastor’s responsibilities include something related to money; raising it or determining how to “invest” it in serving the people they serve. So our belief is that pastors are already good at finances, and our job is to add additional strength as needed in key areas.


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Regina Faison

I have a heart and passion to help Pastors and those in Ministry who are serving and carrying out Jesus Christ’s #1 mission – “to save souls for God’s Kingdom”. I was once lost in this world and was not truly “born again”, although I thought I was already (being raised in the Catholic school and church in my early childhood years), but in reality I was spiritually dead and I did not even know it. I knew about God and was always taught to be a God-fearing child and to obey (by my mother), but I truly did not have an elevated intimate relationship with my heavenly Father until 2014. The Lord led me to a small church led by two Pastors, servants and teachers. These two took the time to teach me (as well as my sons) the meaning of being “born again” and helped me start to grow more intimately with my Heavenly Father.

These two Pastors also would support important events in my family’s life as well as any member of their church. They also would visit hospitals to pray over anyone in need, regardless of whether they were a member of their church or not. I considered them “True Pastors” in every sense of the word. They truly walked in this capacity and they were always there for anyone in need. I always used to ask myself “how do they have time for themselves and their family needs? Who is taking care of them and looking after their financial needs here on earth? What will they do once they retire from the church?


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